High-Quality Emergency Operations Planning Tool

The High-Quality Emergency Operations Planning (EOP) Tool is a customizable Resource Mapping Tool (RMT) for schools that guides school personnel through the process of identifying the areas of their EOP that need to be addressed or strengthened in order to become high-quality plans. This tool presents a self-assessment questionnaire designed to assess the extent to which a school district's EOP is adequate, feasible, acceptable, complete, and compliant. The items are specially designed for either district or campus personnel to access a customized list of resources that fit their specific EOP needs.  Upon completing this self-directed questionnaire, district personnel will be provided a customized resource map including the information, instructions, and links to appropriate resources for addressing their specific gaps in emergency operations planning and implementation.  These resources include job-aids, templates, samples, guides, and check-lists for addressing the areas identified.

To take the assessment and customize the resources based on your needs click “Customize Resources” below.

To access a site map of ALL resources provided through this tool click the link below labeled "View All Resources." To download a printable version of all assessment questions with supporting help text, click the link below labeled "Download Questions."